5 Important Things Property Owners Should Know Before Having a Well Drilled

Did you know, approximately 99% of the freshwater of the world is groundwater? In the United States, more than 13 million households depend on wells for fresh drinking water – did you know that? Yes, a private well could be a good resource of fresh water for you like so many US people. Ace Well & Pump Services knows that water is life, and they understand the importance of water in daily life. Whether it is about drilling a new well or repairing an existing well, their highly skilled drillers will meet all your well water needs. 

If you have been thinking about drilling a well, just take a look at the below section. Here, we are going to talk about five important things that every property owner should know before having a well drilled. 

    •    Wells Are of Three Types 

There are mainly three types of wells – drilled well, dug well, and screen well. Now, you need to decide which type you want.
    •    Drilled Well: Drilled wells are deep. They involve a low risk of contamination because of their depth. Rotary drilling machines      are needed to construct drilled wells. The methods which are involved in drilling this type of well include rotary drilling, high-pressure water jet drilling, and percussion cable drilling. The experienced drilling professionals at Ace Well & Pump Services follow all these three methods correctly. 
    •    Dug Well: A traditional type of well. A dug well is very shallow and often involves the risk of water contamination. 
    •    Screen Well: Screen wells are safer than dug wells. A well screen is basically a device that filters water. 
    •    Knowing Your Water Needs Is Necessary 

Before you decide on the well type, you should think about your water needs. Make sure you find the right answers to the following questions before you proceed –how many people do you need the water for,  how are you going to use the water in the well, do you need water only for daily use or for car washing, filling the swimming pull, gardening, etc., where you want the well to be drilled, etc. When you get the answers to these questions, you will find it easy to decide the well type and much more. 
•    It Is Necessary to Test the Water 
You will not know the water quality until the water is tested. So, do not forget to collect the water sample or test the water before drilling the well. Thus, you will be assured that you will not get poor-quality water from the well. Your neighbor could help with this. Ask your neighbor about the water quality before having the well drilled on your property. 

•    It Is Better to Drill the Well Before Building Your House 
Are you confused about whether you should drill the well first or build the house first? Well, if you are thinking about constructing a new well, we would suggest you drill the well first. Thus, you will have a good water supply while building your house. However, it is necessary to have an initial plan of the onsite waster system and where the home will be built. 

•    Swallow Wells May Run Dry 
Swallow wells often run dry. Also, there are chances that the water of the swallow well can be contaminated by pesticides, fertilizers, etc. To minimize such risks, make sure you hire experienced drilling service providers like Ace Well & Pump Services. A well that is deep and professionally drilled is not likely to run dry. Also, the location, underground water level, and rainfall are some of the important factors that determine water quality and water level in your well.   

Having a private well in your house means getting an ample water supply. For all your well water needs, you can always rely on Ace Well & Pump Services. They have a team of highly skilled well-drilling professionals who work hard to provide the best possible services. For any queries, feel free to seek help from Ace Well and Pump

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